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97-pages of great content answering all the questions that dog and puppy owners REALLY want to know.

63 informative chapters (see below) by dog training experts, on the basics of dog training and on solving dog problems.

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This guide presents comprehensive information on a wide variety of dog training topics, relevant to almost all dog and puppy owners.
Firstly let me assure you that it IS possible to train your dog. With the information presented in this guide, you will learn everything you need to know in order to instill good behavior and obedience in your dog.
If you’ve already tried to train your dog, and failed to some degree, don’t be disheartened. It’s not your fault that until now you hadn’t found the correct dog training information you needed. Don’t worry: everything you need to know is right here!




Ebook chapters:-


Dog Training Basics :-
– Basic Training
– Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated
– Starting Your Dog Training From An Early Age
– Meeting New People
– Personal Investigation
– Play Constructively
– Give Immediate Rewards
– Early Habits Can Last A Life-Time
– Give Active Stimulation
– Understanding Fear
– Gatherings
– Social Deprivation
– The Puppy’s Early Experiences
– Who Is The Boss?
– Positive Motivation
– What Is Clicker Training?
– Positive And Negative Motivations For Your Dog
– How Dog Training Works.
– Rewards For Dogs
– Punishments
– Avoiding Punishment
– Training At Meal Times
– The Command Voice
– Invisible Commands
– House training
– House Training Basic Concepts :-
– Setting Up The Training Area
– Setting Up The Toilet Area
– Continuing The House Training Process.
– Speeding Up The Process.
– House Training: The Paper Training Method :-
– House Training Tips From Animal Behaviorists :-
– Crate Training
– Types Of Dog Collars :-
– Using Dog Training Collars
– Dog Training With A Head Collar
– The Disadvantages Of Head Collars
– Training A Dog To Walk On The Leash
– Problems Of Letting A Dog Off The Leash Too Soon.
– Basic Commands
– The Sit Command
– Come When Called.

Solving Dog Problems
– Causes Of Aggression
– Ways To Handle A Dog’s Aggressive Behavior.
– Solving The Problem Of Dogs Becoming Aggressive To Other Dogs Who Come Near.
– Barking
– Why Do Dogs Bark?
– Causes of Problem Barking
– Solutions to Excess Barking
– Training A Dog Not To Bark
– Jumping Up On People
– Pulling And Tugging At The Leash
– Biting
– Dogs and Children
– Separation Anxiety
– Chewing
– Licking
– Whining
– Chasing Things
– Distractions
– Digging
– Possessiveness With Food

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