Gulliver’s Travels

Gulliver Travels


Gulliver was a excellent swimmer and swam for many miles before he reached shore. Gulliver was very tired and decided to sleep. He would look for food after he had had sufficient rest.

Gulliver in the land of LilliputGulliver slept for a whole day. When he woke up, the Sun was beating down upon him. He tried to move, he could not. His hair, hands, legs and body were tied to the ground. He saw little men running all around him. Someone had got a tiny ladder and was climbing up to him. The little man, no bigger than Gulliver’s thumb nail, came up to him ears and said, “You are in the land of Lilliput; we are Lilliputians. We are taking you to our Emperor, so please do not make any trouble. You will be shot at.” Gulliver almost laughed at this threat but nodded.

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